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to grow your health, wealth, love and happiness with 

India's leading business coach SAURABH KAUSHIK


Saurabh Kaushik is a humanitarian and India's leading business coach best known for helping business owners and entrepreneurs 3X to 10X their businesses through his private one to one business coaching.

His proprietary peopleist coaching technology combines modern day coaching with expert consulting and harnesses the latest understanding of human performance to deliver industry leading business results. 

Over the last 12 years his work has been embraced by top fortune 500 leaders, leading business institutions, associations, business owners and thousands of entrepreneurs around the country.

With an unparalleled understanding of people, business and the marketplace, he is known for helping turn-around businesses and delivering massive business growth (over 1000% YOY) for his premiere one-on-one  coaching clients, organically.

Saurabh Kaushik works with leading business, owners, CEO's, entrepreneurs and fortune 500 leaders as their life and business strategist helping them get and stay ahead in todays fast paced competitive business landscape. 


His in-depth understanding of business, technology and talent coupled with his proprietary human performance technology based in neuroscience and human psychology help him most deeply understand and bring about the fastest and most lasting unparalleled transformations his discerning clients who need to consistently get and stay ahead in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environments.


A lot of India’s leading businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs rely on Saurabh Kaushik when it comes to achieving their most critical turnarounds or even speak at their most important events when nothing less than absolute world-class is expected. Saurabh speaks at numerous leading international and national events, conferences and private seminars to share his expertise on business, entrepreneurship and leadership helping audiences take away thought-provokingly meaningful and actionable strategies, tools, techniques and insights to help them achieve their greatest breakthroughs in their businesses fastest.


As a humanitarian he believes that sowing the seeds of awareness and empowerment in today’s youth are the keys to solving our greatest human challenges of today like poverty, unemployment and productivity. He’s never charged a penny for the same when he shares his expertise through various public platforms like events, conferences, seminars, awareness drives organised by prestigious institutions like the government, CII, Rotary, IIT’s, IIM’s, government schools and many many more.



Business Owners

from CII, PHD Chamber, MSME Forum, BNI, Magicka...


from Startup Grind, Harvard, MIT, Cornell, IIT, IIM, SRCC...

Fortune 500 Leaders

from Unilever, Reliance, Maruti, Amaron, NALCO...


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